Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happiness is...a piece of pie.

I saw MIB 3 while I was home with my parents this past week and found myself thoroughly enjoying its familiar silliness and slightly more serious tone. I wish however that I’d had a notebook with me to jot down a few of the lines.  There was a whole section where Tommy Lee Jones’ character rhapsodizes on the glories and benefits of eating pie.  All answers can be solved by indulging in a piece of pie, letting the deliciousness sink in and the mind wander and clear, the answers slowly making themselves manifest in the aftermath.  There were some great quippy quotes that I’ll be making use of once I can rewatch it on DVD but the gist was, ”There is truth in pie.”  Amen and amen to that.

Later that week I was mulling over a host of life altering questions and joined some of my favorite family members for late night pie; and it was cathartic.  We laughed, we cried, we ate and behold my mind was cleared.  I didn’t find all the answers I needed but I found truth nonetheless.  So, thus inspired I decided I must make a pie of my own to aid my decision making. (I’m just afraid that this might be a deadly habit…I’ll really have to increase the running/yoga I’ve been doing!)  Thanks to several friendly mentions (most notably here) strawberry rhubarb was the winning flavor and it was an excellent choice!

It was the perfect mix of sweet and tart, warm and gooey with a light and flakey crust and a crumbly sugar topping.  The perfect pastry, the perfect end to the rainy, slightly gloomy day we had yesterday.  And it did wonders for my soul if not my waist.  My mind and heart are more at ease even if I haven’t solved all the world’s problems just yet. I think I may need a bit more pie for that.  Whaddya say this time next week, you me and some problem solving pie? How does lemon merengue sound?

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  1. Amen and Amen! Lemon Meringue is my go to problem solving pie. My friend and I get together at Marie Callendars for pie therapy every couple of months. Best and most affordable therapy out there!