Thursday, October 25, 2012

starting a countdown.

Two months from today it will be....


I know I've posted about Christmas music many times before but another post or two won't hurt, right?

I had a dream the other day that Christmas Eve came and I realized I hadn't even started listening to my Christmas music yet. And panic ensued! Hardly a true tragedy but sad nonetheless. I do love my Christmas music!

So, we here on the East Coast are also gearing up for Hurricane Sandy and the affectionately named Frankenstorm. While our temps have been warmer than usual so the event of snow is unlikely, meteorologists are unsure just what this storm (or conglomeration of storms) could bring so it's completely possible that the area could be blanketed in snow within the next few days.  All the more reason to break out the holiday tunes!

While I could use a mental snow day or two I don't look forward to the possible power outages and craziness that any storm in the area brings.  Here's hoping we get a manageable amount of weather to keep things exciting and maybe give us a day off of work but no actual reason to sing...

Hope your weekend is fabulous and snow free!

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