Tuesday, October 30, 2012

a gratefulness checklist.

  • Power still on? Check.
  • Nothing flooded? Check.
  • A two day break from work? Check.
  • Closets cleaned? Check.
  • Downton Abby season 3 watched? Check.
  • Halloween costume ready? Check.
  • Winter clothes out? Check.
  • Possible end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it cookies consumed? Check.
  • A celebratory mug of Postum drunk? Check!

Frankenstorm left us relatively unscathed here in the DC metro area. There are some without power, some flooding near the Potomac, a bit of clean-up that will have to take place, but in the scheme of it all we came out mostly untouched.

During the storm

The aftermath
No mocking the uber fashionable green sweats tucked in the rain boots, please!

Prayers are being sent double-time to NYC and NJ where they were hit much, much harder. It will be awhile before they're back to normal but I'm grateful the mass destruction wasn't as widespread as had been predicted. Hope everyone reading this is safe and sound!

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