Sunday, October 14, 2012

discovering polar wonders.

Over the past week or so I have immersed myself in a polar paradise watching the BBC mini-series documentary Frozen Planet. You may have noticed that I'm a bit obsessed with penguins and even took a dream vacation to Antarctica earlier this year.  I'm not sure what it is about these frigid regions that fascinates me so but there's just something about them that grabs my soul.

When I was younger I had a soft spot for dolphins and whales and that's carried over into my adulthood and fed the fire that now includes the penguins, polar bears, seals, walrus and narwhals! As much as I hate being cold (and I do, and I always am) visions of blue glacial ice or Northern lights make my heart race and my soul sing. It kills me that these places are melting and the animals are losing their homes. Who knows how long it will take and how it will eventually affect our planet but it breaks my heart to think that my children could grow up in a world that is polar-less and never know the wonder and majesty of these areas for themselves.

I also confess to being a typical first world inhabitant, going about my daily life with just the rarest thought of how my actions will affect future generations.  I've tried to cut down on things like bottled water. I recycle. I'm attached to my car but also try to carpool or walk when it's not too inconvenient.  But I feel like I should be doing more, setting habits that will be examples to the children I hope to have someday, proving that I really did wnat to save the world for them. Any thoughts? I know that awareness is a huge part of the battle though, so for now I'll shower the world with beautiful images as inspiration for us all to step up and do a bit more to save our amazing planet.

Need to fill your own icy void? This is a fantastic little true story of a group that gathered to save whales trapped in Alaska in the 80s.  Or there's the ever-heart-breaking  March of the Penguins.

What cause tugs at your heart strings? How do you appease your conscience?

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