Monday, February 20, 2012

Happiness is...a trip to the library.

Thanks to the glories of governmental holidays (long live our dead presidents!) I didn't have to work today.  But I still spent the better part of my day at the library, one of the greatest libraries in the world in fact, the Library of Congress. Begun with a sizable donation from Thomas Jefferson's personal collection back in 1897 it now consists of over 150 million pieces (including books, films, maps, photos and more.)

It's always been one of my favorite buildings in the District both for its aesthetic beauty as well as for the fact that it's, well, a library! The interior is gorgeous, full of rich murals, mosaics, sculptures and of course, books.

Only twice a year do they open the reading room to the public so my friends K, S and I made our way into the city for S's first visit and a tour of the grand structure. Little did we know we'd also get to play in the stacks and the card catalog.

Rows and rows and rows of neatly organized little shelves and drawers that smelled like old was a nerd's dream!

One row even had this fun little shelf label that sounded almost like poetry...

After expending all of my energy frolicking through books I came home to take a nap and spent the rest of the afternoon falling in love with Sherlock.  All in all a fantastic way to spend a day.  How was yours?

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