Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happiness is...a new playlist.

I probably shouldn't complain about winter when we haven't really had one to speak of this year. And yet, I find myself longing to drive with the windows down, leave work when it's still light, go barefoot, and spend some quality time out about without the encumbrance of coats, scarves and hats (though I do love me some fun all of the aboves.) In other words, I have spring fever!

And since we still have at least four more weeks to go (according to the groundhog's predictions earlier this month) the best I can do is make me a new playlist and crank it while I get a head start on the spring cleaning and maybe some crafty creating.

I am nothing if not random so please no mocking, just open your windows a crack and enjoy the erratic musical assemblage as you would the various and sundry weather surprises on any given spring day.

Singing at the top of your lungs always helps.

  • Anchor                                 Mindy Gledhill
  • Sweet Baby James                James Taylor
  • Someone Like You               Adele
  • Folly Cub                             The Wooden Birds
  • My Life                                Billy Joel
  • Every Once In a While          Blackhawk
  • Rainy Weather Friend           David Mead
  • It's My Life                          Bon Jovi
  • Defying Gravity                   'Wicked' Soundtrack
  • Grenade                               Bruno Mars
  • Never There                         Cake
  • The More Boys I Meet         Carrie Underwood
  • O' England                           King Charles
  • Speed of Sound                   Coldplay
  • Don't Carry It All                 Decemberists
  • Loves Me Like a Rock         Paul Simon
  • Crumbs                               Jonatha Brooke
  • People Watching                  Jack Johnson
  • Slight Figure of Speech        Avett Brothers
  • Any Way You Want It         Journey
What will you be listening to this weekend?

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