Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happiness is...a penguin party!

I wanted to give you a few of the promised pictures today. When anyone asks about the trip I begin spewing the overused and completely inadequate superlatives of 'fantastic', 'awesome', and 'amazing'. Then there's the descriptions of the ice (more of that to come) and then waxing poetic about the penguins. I've taken to saying 'penguins' in this squeaky, double speed sort of voice, like a kindergartener on crack....be grateful this isn't a vlog so you don't have to be subjected to that. And apologies to anyone who has already heard it. But it kind of encapsulates how they make me feel; childlike and giggly and super-excited. I still can't believe I was able to see so many of them in the wild.

So, here are some photos and a little poem I scratched out over the course of my travels. Enjoy!

Penguin Promenade

dressed in his formal finery
he waddles and wanders from berg to floe
awkward as a newborn colt
wobbling and weaving
slipping and sliding
until he reaches the waters edge

tentatively he peers over the brink
and into the brine
until tumble,

he's in
and takes off like a well-dressed torpedo
cutting through the deep
with laser speed and precision
flightlessly flying through the blue sea sky

Gentoo Chick

King penguins on the Falkland Islands

King Penguins

Magellan penguin-Punto Tombo

Magellan penguins-Punto Tombo
Tell me they aren't cute?!

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