Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happiness is...a musical interlude.

I’ve spent the last I don’t know how many hours under the funk composed of unburdened rainclouds, post-vacation let-down, and a raging cold that’s made my brain fuzzy and my head congested. During bits of consciousness and when not under the influence of cold meds or Downton Abbey re-runs I’ve been trying to catch up on the last month and a half of blog posts I failed to read while I was gone.

My friend K has a fantastic blog where she posts about the randomness of life, food, travel, DC moments, but most often music. Her bits of melody have lifted my spirits, opened my eyes and fed my soul and been the background music to my life's soundtrack this weekend. Here’s a piece that seemed to truly fit my mood today. I confess I haven't really listened to the words, just sort of let the sound wash over me. It has a bit of the energy I wish I could muster right now along with a sort of a helpless vibe to it that sinks into my bones.  I think, though, I most relate to the guy hanging upside-down in the straight jacket. Tell me you haven't had days where you felt like that?

Here's to good friends who can read your mind weeks ahead of time and good music that can help you forget where you are (and how you feel.) And here's to hoping this cold is on the outs! 

Have a fabulous weekend, all!


  1. Wow. A shout out on your blog? Should I have prepared a speech? I want to thank all the little people that made this moment possible . . . .(and hooray for Downton Abbey and English Art school bands, and well, English accents, in general).

    I hope that reality is starting to get a little easier, and less germy, to get back to!

  2. No speeches necessary...though I probably should have asked you first! Just wanted to spread the happiness around a bit. You're welcome ;)