Thursday, February 14, 2013

a silly holiday.

When I was little I loved Valentine's Day. The expectation of a zillion cards (and candy) all crammed into a blinged-out shoe box was enough to send any child into fits of ecstasy. (We won't talk about how much I 'loved' that experience as a teacher!)

As you grow older and your Valentines are handed out as a matter of choice rather than as a matter of classroom equality and fairness it starts to lose a bit of its shine. And unless you are in some sort of relationship it becomes known more familiarly and fondly by the acronym S.A.D (Singles Awareness Day.)

In an effort to stave off the grumpy feelings I tend to harbor on this chocolate infused day of celebration (though who can complain about chocolate?!) I figured I'd share some tunes.  First up, an appropriately titled "Be Mine" by Alabama Shakes.

And, saving the best for last, I'll give you an opportunity to be a bit jealous. Tonight I've actually got a date. With Mr. Marcus Mumford and his musical 'sons'. Like I said, be jealous!

And may your Valentine's Day, with whomever and however you choose to celebrate, be filled with awesomeness! I know mine will be ;)

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