Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happiness is...a song and a dance.

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Gene Kelly's birth.  One of my favorite people ever, he did everything from sing and dance to act, direct and choreograph, and he did it all with style and panache. I love the description from NPR's article, he's "athletic, acrobatic,...[and] astonishing.'  Sums it up nicely.  He has this effortless way of moving that makes you feel like you could jump up on tables and slide across counter tops, skip through the gutters and balance on rooftops and look amazing doing it.

Here are a few clips to make you happy (cuz how could they not?!)

I've never actually seen this movie, but wow.  Roller skates? I'm going to have to befriend someone with a Netflix account so I can watch the whole thing.

And from one of my favorite movies of all time...not his signature scene but an equally fabulous number all the same.

(And Donald O'Connor is always a fun addition.)

I can acknowledge the fact that the world is full of some incredibly talented entertainers today, but there are just some incomparable people who have come and gone that will never be equaled. And Gene Kelly tops that list.  The world is simply a poorer place without him.  Thank heavens for film and modern technology that lets us celebrate his legacy and his life long after the man himself is gone.

Happy birthday, Mr. Kelly!


  1. I LOVE Gene Kelly :) Such a great dancer. Have you ever seen the movie "Summer Stock"? He does a great dance in there with a newspaper and a creaky spot on the floor. Check it out, if you haven't!

    1. Yes! I Love Summer Stock! We may have to have a movie night one of these days... :)