Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happiness is...making a list!

I've always been a list maker.  There is something satisfying about organizing your thoughts into neatly ordered columns. To Do lists are even better.  The satisfaction quotient grows exponentially when you can turn around and cross something off of the list you created.  Well, today's list isn't a To Do list but rather a list of the things that have brought me a little bit of happiness in the past week.  So, without further ado...

Happiness is...

  • Reading this book  (I love the quirky characters, they're so charming!)
  • Catching up with friends
  • Baby kisses
  • A brand new razor and freshly shaved legs
  • Watching this movie ("I don't want diamond sunbursts or marble halls, I just want you." *sigh* I'm destined to be forever thwarted in love for no real man will ever be able to compare with Gilbert Blythe.)
  • Eating a bison burger, onion rings, a vanilla Coke and tasty pickles at this restaurant (makes me feel sorry for vegetarians...oh my, sooo delicious!)
  • Spending a day getting caught up (well, more caught up than before) on my scrapbooking
  • Being in the audience of a performance of this Opera at the amazing Kennedy Center (beautiful, tragic, breathtaking) 
  • Finally saying good-bye to February (why is it that the shortest month always seems to drag on the longest?)
  • The first signs of spring

you totally can't see this on the small photo, but this is a cardinal and he's been chattering cheerfully outside my window all week

  • A plan
  • An entire day without coughs or sniffles
  • Listening to this music
(this isn't the best recording but I love his little lead in in the beginning, this is exactly why I love this song, I am not a scientist but I am definitely an over-thinker)

And there you have it.  Just a small taste of some of the wonderfully happy things in my little corner of the world at present.  Readers, what happiness have you had in your life this past week? Is Spring showing its face where you live? Take a few moments to head outside and stop and smell the roses (or build a snowman if that's more appropriate :)



  2. Nate...that is, well, AWESOME! Thanks!! (Loved sneaking a peek at your blog as well. Your boys are so darling!)