Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happiness is...driving with the windows down!

When the world begins to look like this

and it's warm enough for my constantly icicle prone feet to be comfortably decked out like this

then it's officially time to drive with the windows down, the crisp spring breeze making a rat's nest out of my hair, while singing at the top of my lungs.

My current windows-down playlist:

  1.  Last Train to Clarksville              The Monkees
  2.  Baby Driver                                Simon and Garfunkle
  3.  Going the Distance                      Cake
  4.  Don't Rain on My Parade             Barbara Streisand
  5.  It's My Life                                  Bon Jovi
  6.  Joy to the World                          Three Dog Night
  7.  Bad Romance                              Lady Gaga
  8.  Happy Together                          The Turtles
  9.  The Ascent of Stan                      Ben Folds
  10.  Gives You Hell                            The All-American Rejects
  11.  I'm Gonna Be                              The Proclaimers
  12.  Somebody to Love                      Queen
  13.  Everything                                   Michael Buble
  14.  Pink Triangle                               Weezer
  15.  I Think I Love You                      The Partridge Family
  16.  Workin' At the Car Wash Blues    Jim Croce
  17.  Mr. Brightside                              The Killers
  18.  Hard Days Night                          The Beatles
  19.  Falling for the First Time              Barenaked Ladies
  20.  Say Hey                                       Michael Franti

It's a pretty eclectic list but I'm definitely lacking in the more current hits.  Any suggestions?  What are your favorite, crank-it-up, sing like no one's listening tunes?

Here's to spring and many more days of opening the windows and airing out the winter blahs.

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