Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happiness is...a cute, cuddly owl!

I have this fetish for birds right now. And owls in particular.  I'm sure it's partly because they are the current crafty trend and you can find them all over the place.  But I like to think I liked them before it was cool to do so.  Anyway, I've made a few purchases recently solely because an ornithological image was involved. I have this darling owl ring and a charming bird pendant that make me smile.  And I've even tried my hand at craftiness, making a fun wall-hanging with a bird-in-a-cage silhouette, a fun little owl stamp and some felt to make a stuffed owl as soon as I find access to a sewing machine.

But my friend called me the other day to make sure I was 'her friend who likes owls', to which I responded 'whoooo me?' (I know, sometimes I'm so clever it kills me!) And last night when I met her for dinner she handed me a gift sack with the most darlingest (yes, I believe that was my exact wording) little owl I've ever seen!  Look how cute this little fella is!

You can only appreciate about 1/3 of his charm because you can't cuddle him or pet him.  He is soft and squishy and floppy in all the right places...I love him!!  He completely made my week (well, him and his generous and lovely purchaser of course.  'P', you know who you you too!)

He doesn't have a name yet.  Any suggestions? 

Here's to life starting to look up again.  And if it doesn't, well, I have this little guy to hug and keep me company.  I think I can handle that!   :)


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!! This little guy is to die for!!! I too, have been obsessed with owls lately! There are just so many cute things out there with cute owls on them! I love that you share my excitement for wise little creatures!

    p.s. I have always been partial to the name Winston for owls...

  2. Ooh, Winston is perfect! Muchas gracias...and Winston says 'hello'!