Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happiness is...a good yarn!

The story kind, not the knitting kind.

After a rough week (not on my end this time, thank goodness) a few friends and I went out to dinner and then to see the new Jane Eyre movie (eh-nicely done until the end when it is abruptly over without enough closure...but moving on) and then out for dessert.  While trying to distract my roommate, 'M' from her miseries and get her to stop crying (though she had really good excuses), my friend 'P' and I began to tell a story each telling a sentence or so at a time. Funny enough, it did the trick.  While the rest of us had tears streaming down our faces, 'M' was dry eyed and shaking her head at us all.  Good times.

Care to hear the story? No? You're in luck. There's no way I could remember it all.  But here are the highlights.

Once upon a time...

Due to an unfortunate case of lactose intolerance, our nameless young heroine is unable to partake of poutine (a Quebec-ian french fry concoction covered in gravy and cheese) with her friends and instead finds herself being whisked off to 1873 (over the rainbow bridge, past the swirly twirly gumdrops) with a French waiter-turned-pilot named Captain who has a magical fake eye made of walrus tusk (which can see into the future but not to the left) and wears a poufy white shirt and bears an uncanny resemblance to Colin Firth.  After their jet crash lands and the heroine kung-fus her way out of the wreckage they meet the walrus  looking for his tusk and revenge.  Captain whips out his trusty magical matchbook which grants wishes to the person who wishes at the exact moment the match is struck.  The walrus, knowing the trick, wishes Captain dead.  The girl, stunned and standing over the dead body of her supposed beloved, then wishes that the walrus had never existed and eventually flies home with the Delta pilot who'd been on board the plane the whole time but knocked unconscious (and is also mysteriously named Captain.)

The end.

More or less.

Yep, our ending was about as abrupt and unsatisfying as the ending of Jane Eyre.  But the middle had a lot of good bits, eh?  Okay, so it was pretty terrible.  But I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time.

Who says you have to be drunk to enjoy yourself on a Saturday night?

P.S. My goal had been to try and post one of my photos with each entry but I really have nothing that could do this justice.  This will have to suffice...feel free to swoon!

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Hope the rest of your weekend is filled with a bit of silliness, some tear-inducing laughter and great friends.  Sweet dreams all!

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