Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happiness is...a new pair of shoes!

A.K.A. "Target is My Favorite Store", or "I Heart Sales!"

So, I have an absolutely fabulous cousin who is one of my very bestest friends....EVER!  She has kept me (relatively) sane throughout college and on into my not-so-college years, is always sending me little packages to brighten my day, and makes me laugh like no one can.  I don't know where I'd be without her.

While I was home for Christmas she bestowed upon me the perfect gift, a Target gift card.  It's portable and packable, completely customizable and transferable to the most-needed date.  This week was a bit crazy and I decided it was time to cash in so I ran over to Tar-jay Wednesday morning on my way to work and picked up these lovelies...

along with a terrifically cheesy chick flick (Letters to Juliet), some shiny teal nail polish and a package of Dove dark chocolate hearts.  A very successful, very girly outing if I do say so myself.  And I do!  Not a bad haul for a $20 gift card, eh?

Long live gift cards!  Long live Target!  Long live sales!  Long live chocolate!  (I just had to throw that one in there.)

Reader, what has been your most recent successful purchase?  Are you a bargain shopper or an impulse buyer? Where is your favorite place to practice retail therapy? Here's wishing you some shopping bliss this weekend, even if it's only splurging for your favorite candy bar.  Purchase, savor and enjoy!


  1. I also happened upon great shoe deals earlier this week! Mine were at Famous Footwear though. I wandered in there to look and see how much the boots I want would cost me so I could start saving up and they were in the process of marking their clearance racks even lower! SCORE!! I walked out with three pairs! My only lament is that they are dressier shoes and I can't really wear them until the weather starts to warm up... Good thing we are having an early spring ;)

  2. Target is one of my favorite places to be! I scored on some awesome shoes just yesterday at Ross. 3 weeks ago I was there with my Kassidy and found some cute ankle boots but they were $20 and I try not to pay $20 for much of anything so I left the store empty handed. Yesterday I went back to buy a dress for Kyle's wedding and decided to check out the shoes. I figured that the cute boots would be gone so I was casually looking for something else. Nothing screamed at me so I was going to leave but on my way out of the shoe department I saw my ankle boots on the clearance rack!!! $10 and I got the last pair of size 10! What a perfect trip to Ross!

  3. my retail therapy unfortunately doesn't produce anything tangible, but it does keep me sane. itunes gift cards to load up my ipod & amazon gift cards to increase my e-library have saved me the last few months. i've never been much of a "shopper" unless it's in a michaels or rei store. nice work on the target trip!!!

  4. I have those exact shoes. Love, love, love Target.