Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happiness is...great roommates.

So, I spent the day yesterday puking my guts out (I'm really tired of being sick by the way, I've been sick way more than my share this winter, what's up with that?!)  But I was well taken care of.  One roommate brought me the required bowl and glass of water and checked up on me throughout the day.  The other brought me Coke and saltines and a stack of movies to keep me company.

I complain a lot that I miss living on my own.  It was so great to have my own space with control over everything from the mess to the entire fridge, the decorating and the closet space.  I loved living by myself!  But I have been very blessed with a succession of wonderful roommates while I've been here in Virginia.  Starting with my sister and on throughout the various and sundry people over the years I've had great friends, been taught many things, and been given many wonderful opportunities...and been doctored and pampered!

A big shout-out to the many amazing roommates I've had over the years and especially to the ones I have now.  Thanks for the memories and thanks for the love (and thanks for the bowl!)

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