Friday, February 7, 2014

making a list.

It’s hard to believe that I passed the half-way point here a few weeks ago. Time is flying faster than I could have imagined. I’m trying not to spend too much time focusing on all of the things I’m going to have to do when I get home (ie, look for a real job) but enjoy the time that’s left here. Of course, I’ve got a few things that I really miss that I can’t wait to have access to again.  But there are a few things here that I’ll miss just as much. Curious?

Things I Miss From Home (besides the people, of course!)
  • Carpet
  • Watching TV without subtitles and with more than four channels
  • Understanding announcements, eavesdropping on conversations and being able to read signs 
  • Central air/heating
  • Winter/seasons
  • Having a kitchen
    • sandwiches, toast, bread
    • fresh-from-the-oven cookies
    • real butter
    • Mexican food...this list is only the beginning!
  • Having more than 8 outfits to choose from
  • Crafting/creating/scrapbooking
  • Singing at the top of my lungs (I love singing along with the radio in my car, you just can't quite pull that off on a motor bike)
    • my car
  • Real, live books!
Things I’ll Miss About Thailand
  • My motorbike and the lax safety laws
  • Going barefoot
  • Always knowing what the weather will be
  • Always knowing what to wear
  • Paying less than $2 for a full meal, $150 for rent, and $3 for a tank of gas
  • All the street markets, awesome food and exotic fruits
  • My park
  • The ready smiles and friendliness of the people
Things I WON’T Miss
  • All the bugs and critters that find their way into my house.  Current pest?...Ants!
  • Constant bare, filthy feet and the lack of available pedicures
  • The lax safety laws
  • Many of the smells
  • Not being able to recycle
  • Squatty potties
  • Not being able to understand announcements or eavesdrop on conversations
  • Unidentifiable meat products
  • Not being able to read signs, newspapers or most of the things around me
  • Everything, from the music at school to announcements and all in between, being done at the highest decibel level possible
  • Morning Announcer Guy
Yes, I realize that there’s a lot of overlap/repeats of the same things falling in different categories. But isn’t that how life is? The things that drive you crazy are the same things you miss when they stop; the things that give life its flavor and keep it from being complete drudgery at times or give you the consistency and stability when everything else is chaotic.  What are the little bits of your day that make you nuts? And what are the bits you can't live without?

I'll miss the butterflies...but not the moths!!!
just a few of the great street market wares-mangosteen fruits
more market goodies

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