Sunday, February 9, 2014

a random cultural gap.

The Thai’s have interesting levels of modesty. In the few swimming experiences I’ve had they all wear shorts and shirts. When working out they rarely go sleeveless or wear short shorts. And even tourists aren’t allowed into a Buddhist temple if they aren’t covered properly. Yet, like most other places in Asia (I’m basing this on the more authentic Asian experiences I’ve had in the US so maybe I’m off) they are also very free and open with their naked bodies. At local baths and spas and things there are no clothes worn at all.

At school after lunch the kids have nap time. They come back upstairs from the lunchroom, have a drink of milk and then strip down to their nothingness to brush their teeth and wash up before putting on pajamas and lying down. This in itself wouldn’t be all too terrible except that they’re four. Therefore they run around wrestling, touching themselves (and each other…and then me!), hugging me, engaging in ‘sword fights’ and the like before they eventually get their clothes on.

Not being warned of this in advance and coming upstairs after the process was well underway that first day I was greeted by dozens of naked babies running everywhere. It was quite the sight! Just another day in Thailand. Mai pen lai. :)

And just one more thing, in a list of so many that seemed strange at the beginning of my time here that I've gotten used to since then. 

(and in an effort to not promote child pornography I will show you this random picture of a Thai orchid instead of naked children at nap time!)


  1. Wow! I had no idea. That's both hilarious and rather strange. I guess not so strange if you grow up in that culture.

  2. I have been loving all your Thailand posts! I hope life in the States isn't too boring when you come back! (p.s. I just noticed that comments I have been trying to post from my ipad haven't been showing up (me and technology apparently are both slackers), but they were all jealous of your adventures).