Monday, February 3, 2014

a celebration.

Yep, another celebration. They really like to party here!

There’s a rather large contingent of Chinese here in Thailand (about 15% of the population) and lunar new year is a big deal. Actually, I think lunar new year is the more pc term we’ve had to adopt in the US but here it’s not necessary to differentiate, they just call it Chinese New Year. The Thais celebrate their own new year in April, Songkran, their biggest festival, and one that I’m going to miss by a couple of weeks,
darnit! But, never ones to pass on a celebration, the whole city turned out for the Chinese New Year festivities that stretched over these past couple of weekends. There was a huge streetmarket, of course, with tons of food and stalls for shopping. There were fireworks and dances, booths for painting and crafts, places to give offerings to the monks and places to take photos just to name a few.

And it's never a bad idea to start fresh. So, if you've messed up on your other new year's resolutions already (who me?!) here's your chance to try again!

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