Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the best news.

I became an aunt for the third time over earlier this week. I have a 3 year-old nephew and a 2 year-old nephew (thanks to two different brothers and their incredible wives) who have added light and life to our family. And now we've added a beautiful niece to the mix and I am overjoyed.

It amazes me how fiercely I can love these little beings who share really only the smallest part of my blood and soul, who live thousands of miles away and who I only get to see maybe twice a year. And it amazes me how fiercely they can love me back!

I want to protect them and shelter them from all of the horrible things that they'll undoubtedly face as they grow up in this ever-changing and often cruel world. But I long to share with them and introduce them to so many of the fabulous things that this same world has to offer.  To watch them learn and discover the things around them, who they are and what they are capable of as they grow into their own. I want to cheer them on as they succeed and wipe their tears when they fall, to assure them that while life is hard it's also very, very good.

I want to share late night movies and treats their parents have forbidden them to eat. To sneak them away for day trips and date nights. To be the voice of reason when they have that teenage-induced loss of respect for their parents.

And, nothing against the boys, but I want to buy dresses and pink and play dress-up and tea party. Thanks, baby P for bringing me a little bit closer to that dream!

Welcome to our family, baby girl. And welcome to the world!

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