Monday, March 18, 2013

new music.

Lest you think only 2 friends bellied up in the latest swap I wanted to share my favorite (for now) tunes from the additional 3 mixes I've received the last few weeks.

Two are a bit bluesy though in completely different ways. First up:

This isn't the best quality and it doesn't sound quite as earthy as the version I got but you get the idea.

Have I mentioned that banjos make me swoon? And his voice doesn't really help that condition. I pretty much have to sit down when I listen to this.

And finally, this guy. He's shown up before and my dear friend K has sung his praises profusely. I've loved this song since the moment I first heard it but as is my pathetic habit these days I didn't bother to see what else he's done. (My ADD tendencies don't cooperate with this new musical technology of having so many choices in so many places. I tend to flit from song to song rather than absorbing an album or artist like I used to.)  Lesson learned. I love him. The end.

Can't wait to see what our June swap brings!

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  1. I couldn't see these in Reader. Guess that's why it is going away.

    Ps. LOVED this swap. So many good tunes!