Friday, December 20, 2013

waking from a strange dream.

It was only a matter of time before my crummy sleeping habits caught up to me on this side of the planet. Alas, for the last 3 weeks I’ve been fighting a killer cold that was made worse by the fact that I woke up nearly every day at exactly 3 am and never really went back to sleep (I wish I was one of those people that would get up and clean or bake or something instead of just lying in bed cursing the darkness and my constant exhaustion…maybe someday.) One of the side-effects of this poor sleep is a two-edged sword, I either don’t sleep deep enough to dream at all or I have super crazy dreams that are continually interrupted. Generally it ‘s the former but I’ve had a few doozy dreams lately that I just know you are dying to hear about. :)

In the first I had an invitation to a dinner party hosted by two of my most talented dinner party throwing friends, K and M. M was about 7½ feet tall and came to pick me up wearing a baby blue rain coat. It was rainy and wet but I climbed up on her slippery shoulders and we were off. She ran like a gazelle and I ducked beneath dripping branches trying not to fall from my precarious perch. Midway there K showed up and ran beside us carrying someone as well (I knew who they were in the dream but no idea who they are in real life). We made it to K’s house which was actually my old college boyfriend’s house on the outside but an amazing mansion inside and joined the rest of the people there, a conglomeration of people I recognized from elementary school on to my co-teacher here in Thailand. We were told we couldn’t have dinner until we’d made our own dessert; Dippin’ Dots. We were each handed a giant mixing spoon and a bowl of ice cream and began scooping little tiny balls of ice cream that we deposited onto a conveyor belt circling the room. And then I woke up…always at the vital parts! What did they serve for dinner?! I’ll never know.

Dream two saw my frenemie from Jr. High all grown up and nine months pregnant. We were besties now so she invited me over to her house for the birth. And I was lucky enough to be the attending physician. When she started doing the Lamaze breathing I held out my hands (I was across the room so it wasn’t as kinky as it sounds) and there magically appeared 5 bulldog puppies! They were all fuzzy and cute (yeah, I know, fuzzy bulldogs) and I have to say, they looked just like her!

In the last one I had a confrontation with Ben Affleck and Christian Bale about who was the real Batman. They both showed up at my door in costume to find out what I thought. (Just FYI, I’m a Bale fan all the way but I have no problem with him being done and handing the torch to someone else, it’s his choice. So, it’s not like I’m one of those people who is going to boycott the new movie. Therefore, not quite sure why this was going through my brain but obviously I’m a little more loyal than I’d admitted out loud.) After some randomness in the middle that I don’t remember they left me, both uttering in unison in the trademark Batman-husky-whisper voice, “Anyone can be Batman.”

There are more but I won’t subject you to them all. :) Hope your sleep is less eventful and more restful than mine. Sweet dreams!

Any dream analysts out there? I don’t want to know what they mean--unless of course there’s some hidden message about my true calling in life or how underneath it all I’m the most brilliant person alive. Basically I’m thinking Freud would have his work cut out for him.

just some random Thai street art to accompany the random thoughts

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  1. HILARIOUS!!! I'm disappointed you didn't get to kiss either Ben Affleck or Christian Bale in your dream!