Monday, December 16, 2013

a quiet morning.

The Thais in Udon welcome the day with a fellow I’ve come to affectionately call Morning Announcer Guy. Intercoms all over the city crackle to life every morning at 6:30 and MAG drones on and on about who knows what (it’s in Thai after all) for up to an hour. And it’s really loud. It’s a good thing I’m already up by 6:30 (and that MAG doesn’t make an appearance on the weekends) or I’d have to say I hate that guy. And maybe he’s broadcasting Buddhist messages of love and understanding, or maybe it’s the news and the weather, or maybe it’s discussions of art or how the aliens are coming to take over the planet but whatever it is, I can’t believe that it’s important enough to break into the peace of a lovely morning. Sorry, MAG, no hard feelings but I definitely won’t miss you when I’m gone.

nope, not MAG, just some random lotus blossoms

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