Thursday, November 14, 2013

a list of randomosity.

Thoughts, facts and images brought to you direct from Thailand.

  • Best t-shirt message this week: "honesty is best apple".  Truth. (I mean, what else could it be?)
  • Number of Manchester United shirts/jackets etc. seen in the park today on my run/walk: 14
  • Number of grilled/bbq'd insects seen at the market yesterday: 3* 
  • An abandoned head in a van.  Cuz, why not?

  • It's amazing how cool 90 degrees can feel when the humidity level drops from 90%-70%.
  • I never thought I could miss desperately (to the point of having dreams about) carpet, trash cans, and paper towels. (among other things)
  • Amount of money I spent on a dish of curry, a plate of Naan, and 3 samosas: $2.50. And it was delicious.
  • A giant rubber duck enjoying a float in the lake and the lovely sunset, cuz again, why not?

Have a lovely weekend!

*crickets, scorpions, and worms in case you're interested

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  1. Glad we get to hear from you every now and then. I hope you are enjoying your new adventure. We have enjoyed the pictures. We will never see them in person, but your sharing with us is wonderful and we love you, and think of you often.