Thursday, November 28, 2013

something to be thankful for.

It seems to be the trend on Facebook for the month of November to post something each day that you’re grateful for. I know this has to do with Thanksgiving and I can appreciate the sentiment but I feel like too often we segregate our gratitude into one month and then neglect it the other 11. Just as we cram all of our Christian charity and goodwill into December. One month is better than none but wouldn’t it be better if we could live with love and gratitude all the time?

That said, I’m going to play the hypocrite for just a moment and give you all my list of 30ish things that I’m grateful for at the moment all in one handy location!
  1. Various forms of technology
    1. The internet-which saves me from being at the mercy of whatever is showing (usually Law and Order) on the Thai channels
    2. Itunes-I was able to bring all of my music (including all the Christmas which I can officially start listening to on Saturday!) in one handy little location
    3. My (borrowed) nook-while I am definitely a print book advocate it is really nice to have access to a library full of books at the touch of a button
    4. Skype-in addition to just being able to keep in touch I am able to ‘participate’ in Thanksgiving dinner (although for me it will be Friday morning instead of Thursday)
    5. Email, Facebook, Instagram, blogs and all the other ways I’m able to keep up with and keep tabs on everyone from so far away
  2. Air conditioning
  3. A job
  4. The church and an opportunity to attend a congregation here. I don’t always understand what’s being said but the Spirit needs no interpretation.
  5. The generosity of others in responding to our need for children’s books in English
  6. My family and their support for me and all of my crazy ideas
  7. The opportunity to live in and experience another country and culture
    1. All of the fun festivals and road trips and daily adventures that come with it 
  8. Plenty of food to eat (even if I don’t always know what it is I’m eating!)
    1. The ability to buy a complete meal for less than $2
  9. Great friends, both old and new
  10. The little bits of home I find here that make me feel less homesick
    1. Traditional Thanksgiving dinner
    2. A movie theater and buttered popcorn (btw, Catching Fire? =!)
  11. A place to live with all the modern conveniences
  12. Amazing sunsets
  13. Beautiful flowers
  14. Mosquito repellent
  15. Nonprajak park-I spend a good deal of time here.  It's right across the street from my house and filled with running trails, free classes and tons of people watching!
  16. My motorbike
  17. Clean water and clean clothes
  18. The chance to work with happy, smiling faces every day

Happy Thanksgiving. And happy Eve of Officially Getting to Listen to Christmas Music day!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Amy! I love your list! Technology, clean water, and enough to eat are definitely things to be grateful for and I'm glad you have all of them there, plus so many other things. Enjoy that Christmas music!