Monday, July 29, 2013

a ridiculous movie.

I love movies. I love watching them from the cozy cocoon of my own couch with the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward at will, to laugh and talk without fear of disturbing the people around me.  I love to watch them in the cool, dark cave of a theater surrounded by strangers all sharing the same visual/emotional experience. I love movies that make me think and movies that require no thinking whatsoever. I'm not very discriminating.

This past week I've had the pleasure of watching two uber redonkulous movies and I haven't laughed so hard in I don't know how long. The first has been making waves via Twitter and word of mouth for the last couple of weeks. Sharknado is a disaster movie...on so many levels! Unexplained waterspouts and west coast hurricanes suck thousands of sharks from the ocean and send them raining down on the unsuspecting residents of LA. But never you fear, Ian Ziering is here to save the day with propane bombs, chainsaws and brute force. If you can get past the beyond unbelievable premise the acting is horrendous, the plot is so riddled with holes it could pass for a net, and the effects are far from high quality.  And yet, I enjoyed every minute of it! The ending though was by far my favorite moment. I confess I may have watched it a few times and each time I said brilliant things along the lines "oh, no he did NOT just do that!" (but he did, every time!)  I'd love to tell you all about it but you really should see it for yourselves to fully appreciate it. *

The second wasn't quite as ridiculous but mostly because it had a bigger budget. If Transformers, Godzilla, and Armageddon had a baby it would be Pacific Rim. I watched this one after I'd seen Sharknado but with some of the same company and we found ourselves leaning over in the middle of the movie theater comparing the two. Several scenes were nearly identical! Over-the-top acting, a crazy premise, super cheesy moments; it was great fun! And if you're planning to watch it stick around until after the credits. Trust me. Those last 15 seconds will make you laugh hysterically, especially if you've seen Sharknado.

If you like to stage your own home versions of Mystery Science Theater 3000 I highly recommend a viewing of either/both of these fine cinematic features. You can thank me later.

*Ok, ok. If you want some sneak peaks you can go here and here. But I'm telling you, you'll probably want to just watch the whole thing! :)

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