Thursday, July 25, 2013

a busy week

The past week has been a blur of doctor's visits, the aftermath of immunizations (it's amazing how crappy you can feel when you've got the spawn of 6 various diseases coursing through your body), a day spent in DC, mid-week matinees, a trip to the beach (and its aftermath--fly bites and a killer sunburn), last minute changes at work, a visit to this fabulous club, and preparations for a whirlwind trip to NYC this weekend. My list of final goodbyes has increased but I still have dozens more to go and my list of things to do continues to increase despite all the time I spend doing things on said list.  I've narrowed my stack of books at work down to 3, I ate the last of the Holland cheese and Belgian chocolate, and I've made the reservations for the hotel stay on the first leg of the journey across the country. This is real folks. It's actually happening and it's starting to freak me out a bit. This time next week I'll be staring down the barrel of the last day of work.
Also on tap for next week? I need to finish re-packing, work on my TESOLS class, and create an amazing cross-country road trip playlist (suggestions welcome!!) in between final goodbye dinners, wrapping up things at work, Frank Turner in concert, and one last performance at Wolf Trap just to name a few. Deep breaths, I can do this!  What are you up to?

The Natural History Museum

The National Archives Building

The Holocaust Museum with the gussied up Washington Monument in the background

Inside the American History Museum
Ponies frolicking in the waves at Assateague National Seashore

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