Wednesday, May 8, 2013

a random list of faves.

Some things I've been enjoying lately:

Yesterday's Google Doodle honoring movie title designer Saul Bass and featuring music by Dave Brubeck.  Perfect!

The Spock Vs. Spock Audi commercial.  "Technically we're not inside yet."

Playing weekly games of skee ball as a member of a skee ball league.  Yep, such things exist.  Who knew?! It takes me straight back to middle school and I'm loving it (even though we haven't yet won a game.) :) 

A little salad I whipped up for lunch (kale, mango, coconut, craisins, sunflower seeds, green apples, avocados, cucumbers) drizzled with dark chocolate balsamic vinegar.  Yes, it's as magical as it sounds.  It will change your world.  Try dipping strawberries in it or swirling it in your french vanilla bean ice cream.  Mmmm!

This book.  It's lovely and magical and surprising and I'm eating it up.

And trying to wade through this stack of books in my suddenly diminished reading time. *sigh* so many books, so little time!

The azaleas that are in full bloom everywhere you look right now. So vibrant and fabulous especially against a gray and rainy backdrop.

And planning for my upcoming trip to Germany. Life is definitely kicking my butt right now and I'm looking forward to riding the rails up and down the Moselle river valley, doing a little biking through Amsterdam and eating some chocolate in Belgium. The 20th can't come soon enough!

What's been on your plate?

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