Monday, December 31, 2012

a year end list.

I'm a sucker for lists and love the 'year in review' shows on TV and articles that seem to show up in every media venue known to man. Not one to be left out in the cold I'm shamelessly stealing the idea from everyone who has already posted theirs the last few days. Here is a brief overview of some of my favorite happenings throughout the months of 2012.


The once in a lifetime trip to Antarctica.  (really the list could stop there, it doesn't get much better than this!)

A behind-the-scenes visit to the Library of Congress

A fantastic St. Patrick's Day brunch

Spring in the District

Camping in Pennsylvania

Hanging out with the cutest nephews in the world

Nats games!

Road trip to Rhode Island

The US Open

Running a 5K

Hosting Pie Day

Capping off a year of great performances and concerts with a few holiday shows

It always gives me pause to see just how far I've come and what has happened in the space of 12 short months. Lives can change in the blink of an eye and yet sometimes the longer increments of time seem to fly by without any noticeable changes at all. I'm grateful for the various outlets I have for keeping track of all that I've done, the things I've seen and experienced and learned that help me keep life a bit more in perspective when I feel as if I'm stuck or not accomplishing all I'd hoped to accomplish. Sure, there are a ton of things still left on my list but I've crossed off quite a few too! Here's to a new year, new lists and new experiences. Tune in tomorrow for the latest edition.


  1. Love your pictures! So.. i couldn't help but notice in the March picture that you have the star wars pancake molds... I have been thinking of getting these! Matt is in the process of introducing my boys to the wonders of Star Wars and I think they would love them! Do they work pretty well? Miss you!

    1. Ah yes, the wonders of Star Wars. No person should be without them! My friend has the whole set (I think she got them from Williams Sonoma) and loves them. So while I haven't used them personally I hold her opinion in high regard! Miss you guys too, it was so great to get your Christmas card with the year's highlights. Love those!