Sunday, November 18, 2012

being grateful.

November photo-a-day challenge #17
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November photo-a-day challenge #18
Favorite food

I have a friend who has introduced me to the wonders of Pie Day.  In lieu of gorging yourself beyond all hope on Thanksgiving and then not having enough room to enjoy dessert, her family has claimed the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving as Pie Day, a day dedicated to the dessert and all its glory. She is out of the country this year so I took it upon myself to steal her tradition. I spent all day Saturday baking, decorated with quotes and images of pie, and invited a ton of people to share their own pies and the day.  It was a success! We had over 15 different flavors and mmmm, were they delicious!!


  1. You do realize there is an official Pie, or rather Pi day. March 14th (3/14), you celebrate it by making and enjoying Pie!

  2. @Nate, yep! I celebrate that one too!