Wednesday, September 26, 2012

a new Fall TV season!

I'm not a huge TV watcher. In fact, in my last place I didn't pay for cable at all and if it were entirely up to me I still wouldn't.  But I moved into a place where the TV came not only with cable but with On-Demand and a DVR. The idea of scheduling my life around a TV show is intolerable, but scheduling a TV show around my life? That I can do!

I still don't watch much, most of the things I do get sucked into are because someone else in the house is already a fan and recording and I end up watching with them by default. Often weeks will go by before I have the time/energy/patience to sit down and wade through what's been recorded but I do have a few guilty pleasures and things I'm looking forward to watching this season.

(*Note: Some of these have already started but I haven't had time to watch anything yet so don't spoil them for me!...unless they're crap, then tell me so I can save myself the time!)

  • I'm watching season 4 of Castle right now on DVD so that I can finally be caught up.  Love this show!
  • And last year I totally fell under the spell of Once Upon a Time. Modern day fairy tales? Count me in!
  • I'm a bit behind on The Big Bang Theory but I do love me some Sheldon! 
  • I also quite enjoy How I Met Your Mother though I've never really followed this one either. I seem to forget about it until I catch the re-runs.  Oh well!
  • And New Girl is another one I've enjoyed but not actually found time to watch. This time around I've got it scheduled in the DVR though so maybe that will help.
 And a few new ones that have intrigued me so far...
 What's on your watchlist? Anything fabulous I should make time for?

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  1. I honestly can't get enough of Modern Family. Gets me every time.