Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happiness is...a spot of color.

We've had a few relatively gray and gloomy days lately but each morning on my way to work I pass this flowerbed full of deep vibrant colors that stand out against their dull surroundings.

Aren't they lovely?

They inspired me to throw a bit of color around in other places as well.   So, last night I pulled out the pillows and throw to accent my usually black and white bed set.

And then I decided I needed a mani-pedi so I added a touch of color to my toes and even my fingers which I never do (it chips and looks crappy much too quickly.)

And even pulled out the polka-dotty bra (that's right, I just blogged about my underwear).  It's amazing how much a little color (even hidden) can brighten your day!

Now I'm going to cozy up in my newly brightened bed and read this book while I listen to the rain hitting my window and the wind blowing through the trees, safe in the knowledge that there will be more color adventures awaiting me tomorrow (and hopefully a bit of sunshine to boot!)

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