Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happiness is...a list of randoms.

Some things that are making me happy at the moment:

  • volcanic Mexican meals
  • catching up with old friends
  • buying tickets to this concert (and I'm far more excited about it than I probably should be!)
  • the rain! (go me!...I'm sooo not a runner)
  • getting sucked into this extremely cheesy series (a little part of my heart belongs to Nathan Fillion)
  • buying books written by people I know 
  • focusing on writing again (one day it'll be me on Amazon!)
  • thunder and lightning storms
  • a clean closet
  • setting new goals
    •  I've decided I need to balance my time spent pinning things on Pinterest with actually doing some of the things I pin.  I've done a decent job making up some of the recipes but I'm going to chronicle at least one project/accomplishment a week on the blog, so look forward to that! (I know, you're so excited you just don't know what you'll do until then...don't deny it!)            
  • keeping up on old goals
    •  the illness has taken a toll on a lot of the goals I've set for this year so I've had to do some adjusting and starting over, but I've done pretty good on a couple of them
      • I finally got enough energy up to start running, now I just need to find a 5K to register for
      • I've tried a new restaurant/food experience each month
      • participated in a local event/new tourist attraction each month
      • read 1 classic each month
        • my definition of 'classic' is pretty fluid (and I could really use some suggestions if you've got any!! there haven't been too many winners) but so far I've read:
          • Little Women
          • The Stranger
          • Slaughterhouse 5
          • Girl of the Limberlost
      •  live performances each month 
        • most of these have been musical (no complaints on that score) but I've made 2 each month so far             
      • now I just need to find a photography class, a writing class, work on going on at least 1 date each month, experiment with some new hairstyles and outfits, and find some time to play the piano...easy as pie!

So, what is it that's kept you busy lately?  Anything I should add to my list?

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  1. You NEVER have to apologize for liking Firefly. Never. Also me and S have giggly conversation about Nathan Fillion all the time.