Sunday, March 16, 2014

a favorite place.

I’ve mentioned the park across the street from my house on a few occasions. It’s been the site of festivals, fireworks, concerts and gatherings of all sorts. But it’s a happening place every single day. There’s a walking /biking track along the outer edge that is packed with people every afternoon. Along the fringes there are yoga and aerobics classes, food vendors, cheerleader practices and pick-up soccer games. The streets bordering the park are lined with shops, restaurants, homes and a temple. Inside the park is a large amphitheater, stage, several bridges, more vendors, a couple of playgrounds (with really fun outdoor workout equipment that needs to find its way to America), statues, gardens, street musicians, the lake (filled with creepy, monster fish with teeth! that people are always feeding), and countless people playing various lawn games.

I’ve seen bocce, lawn bowling, a game that crosses hacky sack with soccer and volleyball and another that is a mash-up of soccer and basketball (but reminds me a bit of quidditch) and regular soccer. There are also usually a few crazy fishermen (I wouldn’t eat that fish if you paid me! Though, in all reality I probably have :)) You can rent bikes of all varieties, get a massage, take your picture with the giant rubber duck, have a picnic or just people watch. There’s not much you CAN’T do here. I spend an hour or so here nearly every day walking or running the track and many of my weekends have been spent napping under its trees or celebrating with the locals. It’s one of the things I’ll miss most when I leave.

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