Friday, April 12, 2013

great music.

I tend to go through waves in my music listening.  Sometimes I just put the ipod on random and see what happens but often I'll get in genre moods and inundate my ears with everything I have stuck in a particular grouping (my definitions and qualifications are fuzzy at best and no musicologist would be able to find much of a scientific basis for what counts as what in my world...but hey, it's my world!) Lately I've been on a 'jazzy' kick. This means anything from Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong to Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble and even Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson. Today's artist of choice though is a pure classic and this song just seems to sum up how I feel right now.  (No, I'm not in love. But spring just has this effect on me!) 

Hope your weekend is full of wonderful surprises and even more wonderful music.  Happy Friday!

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