Thursday, January 3, 2013

a sign.

Today while I was doodling at work (don't tell my boss) I suddenly realized that my two lucky numbers, 2 and 13, figure prominently in this year's date. Duh, I know. Blame it on holiday hangover. No matter. I'm taking it as a sign of amazing things to come.  This is my year!

Happy late birthday to me!


  1. Wow. I like your doodle. Colorful and fantastic...just like YOUR year will be.

    Ps. I think you really need to plan a MO trip here soon!

    1. So, it's not officially official yet but I'm headed back west in the spring and I think I'm going to need to plan a stop at your lovely abode along the way. Deal?

  2. Of COURSE! We'd love to have you. Just send me the details and we'll start prepping our guest room. :)