Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happiness is...a good book (Summer Reading edition #27)

It’s the Bear!
Author and Illustrator: Jez Alborough
Published: 1994
Pages: 32
Age Range: 2+
Genre: Fiction/Picture Book
Cover Score: **** (the cover to the left is not the one I have, this one is a bit boring and would only merit a **)
Overall Score: ****
Rating: G (nothing offensive, though super sensitive or really young readers may find it a tad scary)
First Sentence: Eddie doesn’t want to come
And picnic in the woods with mom.

Eddie, his teddy and his mom are in the forest for an afternoon picnic. Eddie is nervous to venture into the woods, convinced a bear will come. Mom just scoffs at the idea; bears don’t live in their forest. But when mom realizes she’s forgotten to pack the pie she leaves Eddie to run home and get it. She’s soon a speck on the horizon and Eddie hears a great big bear coming his way! He scampers into the picnic basket. The bear with his giant teddy sit down and eat up all the food. When he reaches into the basket Eddie screams help, startling the bear that stands there in fright and watches mom walk up with the pie. Mom doesn’t see the bear behind her until he grabs the pie from her hands. She’s finally convinced Eddie knows of which he speaks and they all run away.

Eddie, his teddy, the bear and his giant teddy return in Where's My Teddy? Which is just as great.

Again, super brief rhyming text is perfect for tiny attention spans. Lots of action and flexibility for interpretations and voice changes (whispers, yells, gasps, screams) make it an easy one to liven up, act out and more. Suspenseful and scary on the most limited of levels, kids love it!

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