Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happiness is...Christmas music! part 2

On the 5th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...5 goooold rings!

I had the wonderful opportunity of singing this (and all of the other 'days of Christmas') with the National Philharmonic Singers today. I've got a friend who sings with them and he invited me to their concert this afternoon in Maryland. So I dashed from church (after singing in the church Christmas can never have too much Christmas music) and drove like a madwoman through Sunday afternoon traffic to arrive just in the nick of time.

The choir is smallish, 28 members or so, and they combined with the Washington Symphonic Brass to put on a spectacular show. The first part of the concert they performed a set together and then a set each on their own. There was a great mix of traditional, unfamiliar, religious, secular, accompanied, a capella, lively and mellow tunes. 

The second half was much the same, a great combination of the choir and the brass ensemble. (I think I need to learn to play the trumpet.) At the end of the show though they had a short set of audience participation songs. Dividing the audience in half they had us stand up alternating on the odds/evens depending on which group we were in, for the 12 Days of Christmas. (My thighs may never forgive me.) And then the closing number was the Hallelujah chorus. 

I missed out on a full performance of The Messiah this year so I was glad to get even this little bit in. It's such an amazing work.  So, for your listening pleasure today let's listen in on this rendition by the MoTab.  Feel free to sing along!

And that is why God created choirs. Amen.

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