Monday, November 21, 2011

Happiness is...a great concert!

This week was one of the longest on record. It felt as least 3 weeks long, was full of work angst and busyness, long nights and early mornings, exhaustion and unaccomplisment. (yep, I just made that word up. Deal.) The weekend wasn't much better, with nary a moment to call my own, which is why you're only now getting a mention of Friday's fun. 

I convinced my roommate to join me for an amazing concert experience at the 9:30 Club. A and I had a delicious kabob meal and Crumbs cupcake excursion on our way to the club and arrived just after the opening act had started. Johnny Corndawg has a good, twangy, old country sound along with a potty mouth and penchant for dirty lyrics. As he finally finished his set the floor was steadily filling up. It's still a rather small venue but standing room only and much more packed than the other concerts I've seen lately. By the time Trampled by Turtles took the stage we were rubbing elbows (and in the case of our enthusiastic but somewhat spastic neighbor, bums) with the people around us and wishing we'd left the jackets in the car.

I'm afraid A wasn't nearly as impressed (with the venue or the performers) but I made her hang on until almost the bitter end (we left before the encores) and I enjoyed every minute of it. Their slow songs have an almost mournful quality to them filled with the haunting sounds you can only get from a mandolin or fiddle. But it's their fast stuff that sends me over the edge. Chest thumping bass, fingers and bows moving so fast they literally become nothing more than a blur sending so many notes into the air at once that your mind starts to spin. In a really good way. It's that indefinable bluegrass/rock sort of fusion that reaches across fanbases and just makes me darn happy.

I found myself cursing my camera though, which I was trying to hold steady above the pulsing crowd while all around me people were jumping up and down and holding their phones aloft getting much clearer pictures than I did. Dangit! So, no photos. But here's a video snippet for you to enjoy.

For any of you in the Utah area, they are headed your way on December 6th at The Depot. Go, I beg you. Go! And you can thank me later.

NaNoWriMo update:  Not a lot of writing is going on I'm afraid. Well, at least not the magnitude that I had hoped at any rate. The goal was 50,000 by the end of the month...I don't think I'll make that. But don't worry, I'm still plugging along!

Current word count: 7213

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