Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happiness is...being creative.

I've been suffering from bouts of imagined domesticity again lately. It's manifest itself in some rather interesting ways.

First up was a trip to the pumpkin patch where I purchased an (extremely overpriced!) orange beauty who, after several interrupted hours, transformed from this...

to this!

He didn't turn out exactly as I'd pictured him in my brain, but I'm still pretty pleased.  Why are owls so darn cute?

I also gleaned a nice collection of seeds which I salted and roasted and have been snacking on all day. Mmmm! I love Halloween!

Then today for dinner I undertook to make a gourmet meal of sweet potato gnocchi (made from scratch with help from the bounteous supply of sweet potatoes we unearthed in our little garden last week) with brown butter sage sauce, a side of roasted asparagus, and grilled pears with pecans and feta topped with balsamic glaze for dessert. I had intended to document my progress but it was such a messy and ugly one that I decided filling my roommates' stomachs at a semi-reasonable hour was much more important than washing my hands (and cleaning the kitchen enough) to take some pictures. Besides, the gnocchi itself was rather ugly. The dough was very sticky and made lumpy poops rather than soft pillows. But looks can be deceiving. Oh how tasty! I'm not sure if it is worth all the work (we didn't eat until after 8) but if I ever find myself with some spare sweet potatoes and 3-4 hours on my hands, I just might consider making it again!

If you're interested, it was another Pinterest find.  Here's a link to the recipe! (Mine looked nothing like this, darnit!)

I realized I haven't been posting my writing updates. I have been doing writing (not quite as consistently as
I'd like but much more consistently than before! I'm getting kind of excited for the NaNoWriMo challenge next month. (I think my brain could use a little project shift as well.)

So, here are my latest updates:

October 15-0 minutes
October 16-0 minutes
October 17- 25 minutes
October 18-20 minutes
October 19-30 minutes
October 20-20 minutes
October 21-15 minutes
October 22-0 minutes
October 23-0 minutes
October 24-45 minutes
October 25-15 minutes

Weekends are definitely my weakness. It's much easier for me to find a few minutes when I'm at work and already in front of the computer. I still haven't gotten into the habit of doing writing consistently at home. That will need to change if I'm going to meet my goals next month. We'll see what we can do!

No, go forth! Create something, anything! And then come back and tell me all about it :)

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