Friday, October 28, 2011

Happiness is...a cheerful incongruity.

This week has been full of incongrous moments, mostly revolving around the weather but they've made me smile nonetheless.  Here are just a few:

  • Rain falling from a blue sky
  • Butterflies flitting through the air amongst the falling leaves
  • Experiencing 3 out of 4 seasons in the same week (Earlier this week we were in the mid-70s. I took a lovely walk amongst blooming flowers and crunching leaves in short sleeves under a clear blue sky. It was marvelous!  Today it's clear and bright but definitely crisp and fall. I'm wearing two sweaters. Tomorrow the forecast has us getting snow!)
  • Eating Halloween candy while listening to Christmas music (I got a fun package in the mail the other day with tons of fun Halloween stuff from my mom (thanks, mom!) and bought myself the new Michael Buble Christmas CD--haven't heard the whole thing yet but so far so good!  I had to indulge in them the same time!)

On the writing front I've done a fairly decent job:
October 26-30 min
October 27-20 min
October 28-30 min
And I'm getting quite excited to start on the NaNoWriMo project! It shall as yet remain unnamed but I will tell you that it is an adaptation of a fairy tale. It's starting to really form itself in my mind so we'll see if that helps or hinders the process. (Thanks for indulging my attempts at accountability, it really helps!)
What has your week been like? Do you have any fun projects in the works? Are you ready for it to be November already!?!? (Where does the time go?) Happy Friday!

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