Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happiness is...a good book. (Summer Reading edition #23)

I work in a library. I am surrounded by thousands upon thousands of books, just waiting to be picked up and enjoyed. And yet sometimes I feel the need to check out the competition. 

Yesterday I took a trip to another local library.  I felt as if I were committing a crime as I perused the shelves filled with books, some familiar, some new. I smiled as I recognized titles and images on the covers and spines and felt little jolts of excitement as I glanced at all the possibilities for new friends and favorites. I even brought home a few.  Check them out.

You may see a few of these again as I get them read and throw some reviews together.  Any requests for which one I should read first?

And now on to today's review!

Divine Signatures: The Confirming Hand of God
Author: Gerald N. Lund
Pages: 299
Age Range: Adult
Published: 2010
Genre: Non-fiction, Religious, Self-help
Cover Score: **
Overall Grade: ****
Rating: G

Brother Lund shares some step-by-step instructions for learning to recognize and appreciate the tender mercies (which he has re-termed ‘divine signatures’) of the Lord in our life.  He walks through the differences between the Nephis and the Lamans, those who thrive and find strength in the challenges of life and those who find their faith eroded by them.

He goes back to the essentials of the Lectures on Faith. First, we must have a belief that God exists. Second we need to have a correct idea of his character, perfections and attributes. And third know that the course of our life is in line with his will.

He also relays a host of personal and shared experiences, tiny and grand miracles that many might brush off as coincidence or luck but Lund exhorts the reader to recognize them for what they are; signs that the Lord is mindful of us and aware of our needs. There are some familiar pioneer stories but also plenty of stories from Lund’s own life and those he has met and interacted with during his sojourn as General Authority, bishop, neighbor and father.

I really enjoyed this book.  There wasn’t any new information but it was a great reminder and hands-on testimony builder. I often struggle with the exact problems he discussed. I firmly believe that God can and does work miracles…for other people.  But I have a much harder time believing that God would bother to make miracles happen in my life.  Lund gives suggestions for overcoming this and similar gaps in faith and building a strong foundation of knowledge that will stand the storms of life.  Highly recommended!

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