Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happiness is...your own garden.

I have a black thumb.  I have the very best of intentions with all the houseplants I buy.  I've started several patio gardens and herbs in the kitchen and despite all I do everything seems to end up shriveled and sad looking, or brown and crackly like it just couldn't survive the invisible drought that struck only the plants in my care.

I also happen to love gardens. I've spent countless hours wandering through garden stores, greenhouses, arboretums, botanical centers and gardens of all varieties with my mom and grandpa, my sister and my little old lonesome self. I love the variety of smells and colors and shapes and textures. Flowers and greens and fruits and vegetables, trees and shrubs.  I don't discriminate!

Maybe one day I'll actually learn how to keep them alive long enough to benefit from them.  I'm not so big on weeding but I actually love to water. There's something therapeutic about sending a bit of life back to the parched earth, watching the colors brighten and the leaves revive.

My new place has a garden out back.  I can't claim any true ownership of it since it was all put in before I got here.  But a little part of me still calls it my own.  We've got squash and zucchini plants, tomatoes and potatoes, peas and a whole host of herbs and flowers. We've used the basil and the cilantro and the green onions already and I've got grand plans for broiled tomatoes and zucchini bread....Mmmm! There's nothing better than a fresh out of the garden tomato!

Take a gander...


Can't wait to see how it grows and changes over the coming weeks!

Do you garden? Or do you frequent farmer's markets or participate in a community program to get the benefit of someone else's gardening expertise? What's your favorite thing to grow or eat? Anyone have any brilliant gardening books or techniques to help me on my quest?


  1. I actually started a veggie garden all on my own this year! ( I've gardened all my life, just with my parents telling me what to do). I wanted David and Susan to come home to fresh produce. I have been using google to answer my questions. There are SO many garden websites out there with lots of advice! Good luck! Can't wait to see the pics! I am going to post pics of mine but not until after David and Susan are home so it can be a surprise!!

  2. I'll look for them! (I can't believe they'll be home in 2 weeks! The time has just flown by...hug them for me when you see them!)