Monday, May 23, 2011

Happiness is...a hero to cheer for.

Apparently I'm a nerd.  No, not the extremely smart kind (oh how I wish, and no comments from the peanut gallery, please) but the superhero/comic book loving kind. Who knew?

A group of friends (all girls) and I went to see Thor this weekend.  It was predictably enjoyable; explosions and muscles, good vs. evil and a happy ending with the promise of more fun to come. (*HINT* If you go, stick around to the end of the credits.)  After we'd spend ample time drooling over the beauty of the Norse god of Thunder (I myself would love to drown in the man's eyes and never surface!) we spent almost as much time out in the lobby discussing the various other superhero movies to come this summer in anticipation of The Avengers. We easily listed all the members of The Avengers and then compared them to the Justice League.  We debated over who would win in a battle between the two, the lack of female representation (Wonder Woman and her invisible plane just haven't held up to modern standards) and then launched into a lengthy conjecture over who would garner an invitation to the ultimate hero movie. To be fair we branched out from the 'super' hero to just any old hero and included the likes of Legolas and Aragorn, Captain Kirk (aka Chris Pine not William Shatner) and Han Solo. And then in true girl fashion the conversation wound its way to Jane Austen and then North and South. (There was logic behind it, trust me!)

I've always enjoyed a good cheesy adventure movie with a strong good vs. evil plot (good clearly triumphing of course) and there has been a dearth of  superhero/sci-fi/fantasy movies lately that fit the bill. However, I was amazed at the depth of my own knowledge.  I had no idea I knew which heroes were in which group nor did I realize how vehemently I rooted for some over others or just how excited I for the movies to come.  I am a closet nerd who has now officially come out of the closet.  (And as my friend Katie so astutely asked...why aren't any of us dating?! What guy wouldn't love a girl who would not only go to those kind of movies with him but would then have a (reasonably) intelligent conversation about it afterwards? If you're out there and happen to be reading this, I'm available!!!!)   :)

Hello. My name is Amy. And I am a nerd!

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