Monday, May 23, 2011

Happiness is...a cookie fresh from the oven.

(FYI-Blogger refused to post anything yesterday, hence the two blogs in one day.)

I’m a little addicted to Pinterest right now. For anyone who has no idea what this is, it’s basically an online bulletin board where you can post all your favorite links to things, ideas, recipes, you name it and have it all in one place.  You can follow other people to see what they pin and people can follow you (follow me!) I’ve got a board for home decorating ideas, one for craft ideas, one for beautiful places in the world, thoughts and quotes, and of course, recipes. I needed some thank yous for everyone who helped me move, something to take to a brunch and a birthday party and some treats for my VTing sisters.  So, this weekend I scanned my food board, picked a few that sounded especially tasty and set to baking.     

First up were some lime coconut cookies which I rolled in a bit of lavender sugar. They were cool and refreshing with just a hint of tart to balance the sweet.

Then I experimented with chocolate chip cookies with caramelized bacon. Yes, bacon! They were also pretty darn tasty and even better the next day. The bacon flavor wasn't very strong, more 'essence of bacon' than anything. But after sitting over night the flavor had steeped a bit and permeated the dough and gave it a nice meaty taste. I know meaty isn't what most people look for in a cookie, but trust me, it worked!

Last but not least were the chocolate chip peanut butter pretzel cookies sprinkled with sea salt. These were probably my favorite. It was akin to getting the perfect handful of trail mix, salty and sweet, soft, gooey chocolate and crunchy pretzels. Mmmm!      

What is the strangest cookie you've ever eaten? The best? Care to pass on your secret recipes? 

Would that we all could come home to a warm cookie and a tall, cold glass of milk. The world would be a much happier place!

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