Thursday, July 2, 2015

beginning a new adventure.

Remember an eternity ago when I told you all I was going to be starting a new blog and shifting my focus here and making some progress in my life? Well, as I've said laid plans.

But I'm staring down the barrel of a big birthday and, of course, that has caused me to re-think some things and want to make some changes and move forward in ways that I'm still not really able to do yet.  So, in an effort to feel like I'm at least minutely in charge of my life we're kick starting the blog in the butt. As I mentioned way back in January I've had this idea in my brain for awhile to start something new so we're going to give it a shot finally.  Granted, my life is still in a bit of a shambles; I'm still chilling with the parents (though they are moving soon which means we're all living out of boxes instead of just me--misery does love company! :) and struggling to find a good job all while planning a wedding, yikes! So, I can't guarantee that things are going to be consistent right out of the gate but we're going to give it a shot.   And I'm not going to abandon you all here either (is there anyone actually still here?!) I'll check in occasionally and keep you updated on the more groundbreaking moments of my super-awesome existence and share random thoughts, 'cause I know you're dying to hear it all.

In the meantime, check out the new digs over at

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  1. You're engaged?! Congratulations! How about a blog post with that story? :)

    1. I can maybe oblige you! :) And thanks!