Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happiness is...a bit of spring.

There's a movie quote from An Affair to Remember that's been running through my mind a lot lately:
"Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories. We've already missed the spring."

Never fear, I have many warm memories, but I do feel as if I'm missing the spring.

The air has warmed considerably, the cherry blossoms are doing their thing and I'm stuck inside with just the barest glimpse of it all through my car window on the ride to and from work (though thanks to daylight savings time I do get a little better glimpse now than I did last week.)

Spring is my favorite time of year (when it isn't fall) and I usually try to spend as much time as possible wandering through gardens and parks beneath blossom- and bud-laden branches meticulously looking for hints of bright green and specks of color as one would look for Waldo.

This afternoon I forced myself to take a short walk after work and it had the effect of being both equally exhausting and refreshing.

The sun soaked into my winter bleached skin and warmed my sockless feet. The slight breeze played with the loose strands of my hair and the birds and blooms fought for my limited attention. It was heaven. (But I may have to call in sick tomorrow to make up for it!)

So, your task today is to stop what you're doing, go outside and enjoy just a moment or two of the weather around you, take in the changing seasons and the re-birth of the world and maybe find yourself feeling a bit re-born as well.

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